Social Media Tip Tuesday, January 1, 2013 – 52 Social Media Tips You Can Use

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Second, this week we’ve rounded up the very best of all 52 Social Media Tip Tuesday blogs and provided you with our Top 52 Social Media Tips of 2012. Our favorite tip and best lesson is #28. Which one is your favorite?

  1. Instead of using a “Sign Up” button for your newsletter or blog, try using a “Learn more” button #smtip – 1/3/12
  2. Don’t expect customers to just come and find you on SM. Let them know you are here via email #smtip – 1/10/12
  3. Add Google Analytics to your Facebook fan page to get better insights to who is visiting #smtip – 1/17/12
  4. Don’t just link to your website, link to key product pages or posts. The homepage can be boring. #smtip – 1/24/12
  5. When doing #FF tell people WHY they should follow them #smtip – 1/31/12
  6. QR codes are best when they tell the end user what they’ll get if they scan the code. Be clear. #smtip – 2/7/12
  7. RT @mikesansone Every tweet, pin, status update, blog post, and check-in are part of your social media inventory. Are your shelves stocked & fresh?#smtip – 2/14/12
  8. Try posting manually once a week on #Facebook to increase your EdgeRank #smtip – 2/21/12
  9. Before every FB post ask yourself, is this post comment worthy? #smtip #engagement – 2/28/12
  10. Make sure that you are always offering your customers something of value, rather than spam on social media #smtip – 3/6/12
  11. Don’t abbreviate your msg so much that only you can understand it. Choose abbreviations wisely. #smtip – 3/13/12
  12. When merging FB pages you must be the owner of both pages. #smtip – 3/20/12
  13. Posting on FB before 10am and after 4pm will increase engagement by 20% #smtip – 3/27/12
  14. When pitching content to bloggers, make sure it’s in their niche. #smtip – 4/3/12
  15. Expand your brand by offering an incentive to whoever retweets your offer, but only if u get a min #. #smtip – 4/10/12
  16. Not everything needs to be public. Consider a private DM on Twitter. #smtip – 4/17/12
  17. Provide the information users want, not the information you want to deliver. #smtip 4/24/12
  18. Social media makes reaching a broad audience easy, that’s not always the goal.Target your segments. #smtip – 5/1/12
  19. On Facebook, write for their news feed, not your wall. #smtip – 5/8/12
  20. Cross-channel marketing requires an integrated approach across company silos #smtip – 5/15/12
  21. Including the word “exclusive” in email subject lines boosts open rates by 14% #smtip #marketing – 5/22/12
  22. Build brand equity by allowing reviews of your products on your site. #smtip – 5/29/12
  23. Tag your videos & blogs with keywords from Google Keyword Tool #smtip – 6/5/12
  24. Add your URL as the first line of description in your YouTube videos. #smtip #blogchat – 6/12/12
  25. Remember, blogging isn’t a business. It’s a marketing tool.#smtip – 6/19/12
  26. Medical device and pharmas need to be truthful and include product risks when posting to social media #smtip – 6/25/12
  27. When creating a description for a new pin on Pinterest use #hashtags to enhance search.#smtip – 7/3/12
  28. Never let another company or employee use their account info to set up accounts for you#smtip – 7/10/12
  29. SEO and Social Media marketing go hand-in-hand. Make sure your posts have keywords in them #smtip – 7/17/12
  30. Be sure to coordinate #Facebook ads with your Facebook content #smtip – 7/24/12
  31. Brands that post to #sm outside of business hours report a 20% higher engagement rate. #smtip – 7/31/12
  32. Don’t over automate or Facebook will ding your content and not put it in the news feed#smtip – 8/7/12
  33. Tweet other people’s stuff w/ thoughtful comments to build rapport & thought leadership in your niche #smtip – 8/14/12
  34. Don’t retweet a link on Twitter without reading it first. #smtip – 8/21/12
  35. Be sure to set benchmark/goals for your social media campaigns.You can’t measure success w/o goals.#smtip – 8/28/12
  36. Want to schedule your Google+ personal profile posts? Try Do Share Chrome extension #smtip 9/4/12
  37. RT @LindsayFultz: Social Media Tip: Dont ignore tweets or posts that are in another language. #Google Translate & WOW them. #smtip  9/11/12
  38. Use Twitter lists to monitor the competition and cut thru the noise #smtip – 9/18/12
  39. Redundancy of same messages on social media causes you to lose followers. Differentiate your content! #smtip 9/24/12
  40. Use Facebook Offers to engage with your audience offline #smtip 10/2/12
  41. Consider making your email newsletter more social by highlighting a Twitter follower’s tweet #smtip 10/9/12
  42. Make your calls to action stupid obvious so your audience doesn’t have to waste time guessing/searching #smtip 10/16/12
  43. A fundraiser with a video typically raises four times more than those without one #smtip #nonprofit 10/23/12
  44. FB posts pub’d on Sat & Sun receive higher % of likes than those posted during the week –Thursday is lowest #smtip – 10/30/12
  45. Actiance and Socialware are 2 great social media manager tools for #Financial industry #socialmedia #smtip – 11/6/12
  46. Audience building and community building are two different things. #smtip – 11/13/12
  47. Restore your blog post by using the direct link to your trashed posts ( #smtip – 11/20/12
  48. Suffering from writer’s block on your blog? Try doing an interview or case study #smtip 11/27/12
  49. Small biz should be on Yelp and Google Places to help with search #smtip  12/4/12
  50. 1 in 3 social media users say they prefer to use social media rather than phone for customer service issues #custserv#socialmedia #smtip 12/11/12
  51. People don’t usually like to shop where they socialize #smtip – 12/18/12
  52. Everyone is an influencer. #smtip 12/25/12
Today in history: In 1908, The ball signifying the New Year was dropped for the first time at Times Square in New York City.



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