Social Media Tip Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A special shout out to those who nominated this blog on Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Blogs for 2012. We are in the finals and we really, really appreciate your readership!

Here are the top tips posted on Twitter for the past week.

  1. Don’t expect customers to just come and find you on SM. Let them know you are here via email #smtip
  2. 74% of the population has a cell phone. Is your site mobile friendly? #smtip
  3. 77% internet users read blogs,but only 22% Fortune 500 comps have one, seems like a missed oppty #smtip
  4. 56% ppl use smartphones for SM, but r ur cust viewing ur content that way? Install GoogleAnalytics to find out #smtip
  5. SMTip: You only need 1 Twitter account for your biz. Stop creating multiple ones w the same auto message instead, #BeSocial

Top blog last week: 7 Deadly Since Businesses Make on Facebook
Today in history: In 1949, The Radio Corporation of America, sometimes known as RCA, announced a new 7-inch, 45-rpm phonograph record. Soon, the 45, the record with the big hole in the middle, would change the pop music business. RCA even manufactured a record player that played only 45s — with a fat spindle that made “stacking wax” real simple and automatic for those romantic times when hands were just too busy to be flippin’ records. 


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