Social Media Tip Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Social Media Tip TuesdayWelcome to social media tip Tuesday, where every Tuesday, except last Tuesday I had a brain fart and forgot to post it, I compile my top social media tips I tweeted over the past week with the hashtag #smtip. Also, Twitter for Business webinar this Friday. Click on the icon below to get more details and register.

Twitter Webinar

Social Media Tips from the past week or so:

  1. Social media is a way to not only get a lens into your biz, but also into your competitor’s #smtip
  2. Don’t engage commenter’s that misbehave on your blog. Simply delete comment & move on. #smtip
  3. If u want 2 give feedback 2 a company & have all ur followers see it, then make sure it has a letter/period b4 the @ #smtip
  4. Measuring your influence & impact is not counting your followers #smtip
  5. Revive old evergreen blog posts by writing a follow-up post or linking to it in a new post #smtip

Top blog last week: Facebook’s Big Announcement: Rolls out lots of new stuff

Today in history: In 2009, Michael Jackson, lifelong musician, pop singer, and superstar, dies at age 50.





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