Social Media Tip Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Social Media Tip Tuesday 2012

Happy social media tip Tuesday! Per usual, here are my top social media tips from the past week and as a bonus, today at the bottom is a cool infographic that I found on the web about LinkedIn. (You know I love the infographic! And if you love them too, you should check out  Daily Infographic dot com) Enjoy!

  1. Remember, blogging isn’t a business. It’s a marketing tool.#smtip
  2. People share content on social networks to make life easier, build relationships, help others,& craft their identity.#smtip
  3. Test the subject lines of your emails to make sure you are optimizing your open rate.#smtip
  4. Google Analytics delivers you your top content traffic drivers so u can deliver more to ur cust.#smtip
  5. FB Insights tell you what type of content is shared & liked most often. Do more of that!#smtip

Top blog last week: 10 Ways To Establish Yourself In Your Expertise

Today in history: In 1885, The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York City from France

BONUS: LinkedIn Bootcamp


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