Social Media Tip Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sorry I missed yesterday’s blog, the SXSW conference took up more time than I thought. Anyway, here are my top tips from Twitter over the past week. Enjoy!Social Media Tip Tuesday More blogs from SXSW learnings coming this week. Check out tomorrow’s blog on BlogHer’s Lisa Stone and the trust factor in social commerce.

  1. Everything you do is the new media department #smtip
  2. It’s not about what they ought to know, it’s about what they WANT to know #smtip
  3. Sometimes spelling “retweet” out rather than just saying please RT will explain to newbies what to do. #smtip
  4. Use paid media to amplify your earned and owned content #smtip
  5. Video testimonials perform best for product sales over links in text or social media #smtip

Top blog last week:  Content Marketing: Optimizing Your Content

Today in history: 2013, Tracy Sestili is exhausted from SXSW conference.


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