Social Media Tip Tuesday October 19, 2010

In case you missed it, here are the social media tips (#SMTIP)  I posted via Twitter in the past week:

  1. Tip: Rule of thumb for Twitter, tweet 5-10 times per day minimum.
  2. Did you know? #Facebook users under 18 years old have been the fastest growing group during the last six months.
  3. Tip: Use New Groups function on FB to segregate your top tiered customers
  4. Did you know? 57% of Twitter users are b/w the ages of 25-44
  5. Did you know? Only 3% of college students have LinkedIn profiles set up
  6. Did you know? The average time spent on Facebook is 23 minutes (Q32010Study), Twitter 13min 10 sec.
  7. Tip: Register your Twitter account in @wefollow (a yellow pages for Twitter) so that people can find you better.
  8. Tip: 5 Things to NOT do on Twitter. 
  9. Special shout out to @TechOlive for this tip: How to unlink Twitter & Facebook Fan pages. Easy to do, but hard to find.

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