Social Media Tips from BlogHer ’13

Social Media Tip TuesdaySo, typically the Tuesday blog is a recap of my social media tips from Twitter using the hashtag #smtip. But this week I decided to give you some of the juicy tips I got from BlogHer ’13 this past weekend. And I’ll put my #smtips in next Tuesday’s blog.

But before we dive into that, I want to give away some of the awesome swag I got at BlogHer on my Facebook page this week. So pop on over there and check it out.

  1. You can change your Facebook vanity URL a second time if you can provide Facebook with proof that you legally changed your company name. (I’m unable to find the submit link for this, but a woman in the audience of my panel said she just had a client do it recently and it only took about a week for Facebook to grant the request. So definitely worth looking into if this applies to you.)
  2. On sponsored blog posts (where you get something of value for blogging about a brand), be sure to add ‘no follow’ links back to the brand.
  3. When running a contest limit the barrier to entry by asking for minimal information.
  4. Invest in an auto-responder email for people who sign up for your email list or blog.  It adds personalization and let’s them know what to expect from you moving forward.
  5. You cannot write promoted posts (or any content) on a blog. It’s against the rules.
  6. Identify influential bloggers on Twitter and put them in a Twitter list.
  7. Stack the deck on a video contest because no one wants to be first.
  8. Guy Kawasaki is a huge fan of the Replies & More Google Plus plugin extension.
  9. Put as many descriptive keywords in your YouTube vide description as you possibly can, this will help with search.
  10. Make sure the keyword of your niche is in the name of your blog.

Top blog last week: How to Say More with Less on Twitter

Today in history:  In 1956, The phrase “In God We Trust” was adopted as the U.S. national motto.

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