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I work with a lot of nonprofits and have even created my own NPO. As a result, I’ve done a lot of research on online fundraising techniques where you get the biggest bang for your buck. Because there are so many different ways to raise money online, I thought I’d break it down a bit.

Razoo says that over 30% of folks who came to Razoo through email wound up donating. They also state that users of Facebook and YouTube give donations of 6.92% and 6.76%, respectively. Following are users from Twitter at 3.19% and StumbleUpon at 0.08%. Plus, users of MAC OS give on average of $126 with the iPad being the device they give on the most. In fact all Apple users are more generous than PC or Android users (and this I find ironic given that Steve Jobs didn’t really believe in charity).

But aside from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where else can you have a presence online that will pay off for you and your organization? There’s always good old fashioned email, but here are some other tools I like:

For events:

  1. – great for ticketing events. Here’s their pricing.
  2. – great for ticketing events. Also provides widget you can embed on your event page. Here is their pricing.
  3. – great for sporting events. Free listing. Nonprofit rate.
  4. Square – get the credit card reader for free and attach to your iPhone, iPad or Android so that you can take in-person payments at your events. (2.75% transaction fee). The device is free.

Raising funds online:

  1. SwipeGood – rounding up purchases on your supporter’s credit card to donate to your organization
  2. iGive – Shopping online to support your charity, a great Holiday newsletter addition
  3. GoodSearch – Surfing the web to support your charity
  4. EveryClick – Surfing the web to support your charity (U.K. only)
  5. GoodShop – Shopping the web to support your charity (subsidiary of GoodSearch)
  6. Causes – donations, donating birthdays, etc.,  all on Facebook platform
  7. GoFundMe – create personal fundraising websites for individuals (your supporters), groups or organizations. But they do charge 5% for every donation.
  8. CauseCast – provides an online solution for companies to manage employees volunteer, donations and gift matching activities.
  9. eBay GivingWorks – Register your nonprofit to benefit from others selling on eBay
  10. ChipIn – a widget that let’s your supporters raise money for your organization
  11. RT2Give – Tweets that get RT through this app receive donations to your organization. Fees apply.
  12. SocialVibe – your supporters earn micro-donations from big brands, although not super clear on how nonprofits can sign up.
  13. GivingImpact – share your goals and your impact with your supporters. Fees are $30/mo + $1 for each donation that is greater than $20.
  14. Razoo – Offers email & social media fundraising tools, plus only a 2.9% transaction charge (that’s it). Plus iPhone app that lets admins monitor, post updates, & thank your donors.
  15. FreeRaiser – Create small goals, get them funded
  16. YourCause – Have your constituents create their own fundraising pages, organize volunteers, create donor match programs for employees – a one stop shop.
Do you have any tools that you really like that aren’t on the list? Stop back and let us know if you try any of these and if they are successful.
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