SXSW new interactive social site on sustainability

Although I’ve spent 10+ years in California, I think the East Coaster in me is skeptical about things such as this. A native Austinite, Brian Boitmann, has created an inventive social site called Acts of Sharing so that people can lead a more sustainable, resource rich life. How it works? You want to buy something, like a compost pail, but you are not sure if you can commit to composting nor are you sure which one is the best. So you put it out there in your community and ‘borrow’ one from one of your ‘friends’ in your network.

Sounds simple, right? Harmless, right? Like asking a neighbor for a cup of sugar. However, I’m just a tad skeptical about this because of how we expand our social networks today. As a society we’re all about numbers. How many fans, how many friends, how many followers, how many connections do we have is supposed to be some measurement about who we are — it’s ridiculous. But there are people out there who do care about this. Think about it, today we accept followers if they have something in common on Twitter. We accept friends on Facebook who are friends of friends that we may not know all that well, but what the heck, if  they are a friend of Jane’s  then they must be okay or they could be a co-worker. (How well do you really know your co-workers?).  And this is exactly what makes this site succeptible to cyber crime.  Makes me wonder, when will the first Prius be stolen?

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