Top 10 Best Facebook Thanksgiving Page Posts by Brands 2013 Drumstick Awards

Best Thanksgiving Facebook PostsAs you know, images go a long way on social media. Society has a greater appreciation for all things visual these days. Websites and social networks are changing their design and layout to be more graphical, like Google+, The Next Web or When it comes to holidays, watching how others post content could teach you some key aspects of what works and what doesn’t.

Thanksgiving is a holiday in the U.S. and this year it fell on Hannukah. Many companies posted some great Facebook posts that garnered some great engagement. Of course, there were some desperate posts, where people tried to combine Hannukah and Thanksgiving, like:

And there were some lazy, non-creative posts that asked, “what are you thankful for?” Are you guilty of doing that? Don’t worry, you weren’t alone. Lots of brands did that, but there were some that stood out and we can all learn a lot from them. Also, there were quite a few people who weren’t online like techies. Plus women weren’t online early in the morning because they were cooking. If you wanted your post to be interacted with by women then posting it after 12 noon was a good option.

Without a doubt, these brands get the 2013 Drumstick Award. Here are our top 10 Thanksgiving Facebook Posts 2013 with Best B2B, B2C, and Nonprofit posts, one honorable mention, plus a case study, and 4 tips on how to deliver a great holiday post. Enjoy! and please share/bookmark.

Let us know what you think or if you know of some others that deserve honorable mention.


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