The Key To Posting on Google+

At SXSW Google’s Senior Vice President, Vic Gundotra, talks about Google’s 100M users log in once a month and 50M log in once a day. He also made a few other comments that received some criticism when Guy Kawasaki asked him why it sometimes feels like a ghost town, he said, “make sure you are using it correctly.” He went on to say that some people most to circles that are empty or have few people in them.

Regardless, Google+ is here to stay. So recently I’ve been playing around with my Google+ postings and I’ve been looking at how other’s are doing it. I noticed that some people post their entire blog into a post using smart codes (below) to modify the text. It seems that they may be on to something. I also noticed some other things, although no hard data to back this up just yet (working on it), just like Twitter folks like links and Facebook folks like pictures, there seems to be some trends with Google+ as well.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Photos get a lot of traction on G+ similar to Facebook. Links get less traction.
  • Links get less traffic and it seems that once you are on G+, you want to stay within G+ and not go outside of the platform.
  • Bloggers are posting their blogs withina post using shortcodes to make stylistic changes to the font.Shortcodes:
  1. Asterisks around a word or sentence turns to bold with the G+ text editor automatically. *This is bold.* –> This is bold.
  2. _underscores_  around a word/phrase, will italicize it. _This is italicized_ –> This is italicized
  3. -hyphens- around a word or phrase, will strikethrough (cross out) the word/phrase. -This is strikethru- –> This is strikethru
So what do you think? Do you think it’s better to publish your entire blog post in your stream and have people expand it and read it right on the spot, or to take them out of Google+ to your website?



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