The State of Social Media Q3 2011

On September 11, 2011 Nielsen released their “State of Social Media” report for Q3 2011 which tracks trends across the U.S. and 9 other countries. The highlights are below:

Social Media Usage Around the World

  • Australians spend the most time online visiting social networks and blogs, while Americans spend most of their time on Facebook than any other social network (53.5B minutes).
  • Most of social networks skew female, with the exception of LinkedIn and Wiki skewing male.
  • Facebook continues to be the #1 social network site, followed by Blogger at #2, which reached 70% of active internet users.
  • Most active social networkers are females age 18-35, Asian or Pacific Islander, with a Bachelors or Post Graduate degree and a household income of under $50K.
  • Social networks and blogs are still the top destinations online where we spend our time (22.5% of our time), followed by gaming (9.8%), email (7.6%), videos/movies (4.4%), etc. Sadly, the news is at 2.6%.
  • Close to 40% of people access social networks via their mobile phone (2 in 5 people).
  • Tumblr has tripled its audience from a year ago and is up 183% to 11,870 users and ranking #8th largest U.S. site.
  • Growth in 55 yrs and older in accessing social networks via mobile app, more than twice as many as last year.
  • 60% of users researched a product on 3 or more sites learned about a product on social networks and 48% of them responded to a brands offer on Facebook or Twitter.
With more and more companies integrating Facebook fan pages and other social networks into their marketing campaigns it’s no surprise that Facebook is the #1 social network that people spend the most time on. What do you think? Any of these statistics surprise you?
Here’s a link to the full report.
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