Top 12 Blogs of the Year 2011

I always look at my analytics of my blog on a regular basis to see what triggered certain blogs to go viral, which blogs had the most comments, what topics were most popular and did I cover them sufficiently.

I write this blog daily, but I realize some of you only have time to read the headline and then say, “I’ll come back to that when I have more time,” and then that time never comes.

So if that’s the case or in case you caught on to this blog late in the year, here’s a look back at the past year and the top 12 blogs (based on # of views) that you might want to catch. Below that are my 3 favorites that I think deserve a second look!

Top 12 (by views):

  1. 7 Things to Know About Google+ Pages for Brands – this went viral due to timing, also #1 commented blog
  2. 7 Things Nonprofits Can Talk About on Facebook Besides Themselves – this went viral due to the content and (probably) the sassy headline.
  3. 12 Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Your Next Event
  4. A Comparison of Social Media Desktop Tools – #2 most commented
  5. Top 12 Places to Submit Your Blog
  6. 5 Facebook Changes Rolled Out Overnight
  7. Facebook New Feature: Subscription Settings
  8. How-to Get People to Click on Your Content
  9. 5 Tiny Steps Your Nonprofit Board Can Take to Support Your Cause – also the #1 pdf download.
  10. How to Unfriend/Unlink/Unfollow/Delete on Social Media outlets (updated to include Google+ and to include new Facebook changes)
  11. How to Create an Editorial Calendar
  12. Unsubscribing from Someone on Facebook – #1 search term, forced me to finally do a blog about it.

3 of my faves that I think deserve a second look:

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