Top 12 Client Social Media Gifts for 2012

Every year I give my clients something from Social Strand Media. My way of saying, thanks for being a valued client and I really appreciate your business and word-of-mouth advertising.

And every year I struggle to find something kitschy, unique, relevant to social media, fun and functional. Last year I gave out bamboo 4GB thumb drives with our logo engraved. This year, I thought about reducing my carbon footprint and sending a virtual gift like a subscription to Dropbox, but the kid in me likes hold a tangible thing in my hand. So this year I set out on a quest to find the quirkiest functional gifts relevant to social media that I could find. I can’t tell you what I chose this year yet, it’s a surprise. But I’ll show you some kitschy social media gifts that were on my list.  Oh and just like always when you go holiday shopping it’s hard not to buy something for yourself. So this year I treated myself to this iPhone credit card case from – which is not only a functional case for your iPhone 4, 4S or 5, BUT it also stores 3 credit cards and some cash. Perfect for going out. What more do you need besides your phone, your I.D. and a credit card or some cash? Sweet! ($39).

Top Client Social Media Gifts for 2012

YouTube tube socks – $6.40 YouTube Computer power sweeper/cleaner – $2.25
The Accidental Billionaires book by Ben Mezrich < $5 Twitter name necklace – $47, c’mon you know you want one!
Twitter Follow Us sign – $35 – great for local biz clients  Social media Hollywood marquee light-up cubes (like a paper weight) – $89 – pricey but cool.
Social media silicone baking molds – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – $5.45 each Fail Whale pocket moleskin notebooks (3.5″x5.5″) – $9.00 each
Social media ornaments made out of foam – $5 each LinkedIn holiday mug – $19.10 each, a bit pricey, but kitschy
Like/Dislike stamp set – $8.99 for those clients who still love paper! Book of Tweets by Tweetbookz – give your client a keepsake of the best tweets with their tweets in book form. $19.89 softback, $29.89 hardback.

Of course there were lots I came across that would be completely inappropriate for a client, but maybe not such a bad idea for your tween social media junkie, like the Facebook shower curtain or the ‘follow me’ thigh-high stockings.


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