Top 12 Places to Submit Your Blog

How to and where to submit your blogWe all know that adding a blog to our website increases our search engine optimization (SEO) and increases our control over our brand. Last week we chatted about SEO and how to promote your blog so people will read it. We also mentioned that you can submit your blog to blog directories.

Blog directories are websites that curate posts that appear on blogs. So we decided to make it easy on you, and not only give you the direct URL for blog submission, but tell you a little bit about each one and save you the trouble of researching if it’s right for you and your blog topic.

Note: Blog submissions take time (5-10 minutes to fill out and submit), but they are well worth the effort. Usually it will take 24-72 hours to see your blog show up in the directory.

**Updated 7/7/12***

    Primary focus: Blogs are on Life, Entertainment, Technology, News & Politics or Business. Blogs chosen are scoured by their team. Or you can submit your blog.
    Link to submit your blog:
  2. AllTop
    Primary Focus: Work, Health, Culture, Interests, Tech, People, Good, News, Geo, Sports.
    Link to submit your blog: (Note: you must register)
  3. Technorati
    Primary Focus: Women, Technology, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, Politics, Videos, Blogging. Full list of topics:
    Link to submit your blog: You need to claim your blog.
  4. The Blog Catalogue
    Primary Focus: Artists, Arts, Business, Education, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Food, Health & Wellness, Human Society, Humor & Laughter, Lifestyle, Men’s Stuff, Movies, Music, News & Media, Personal Development, Personal Journals Pets, Photography, Politics Relationships, Social Activism, Spirituality, Sports, Tech & Internet, Transportation, Travel & Vacation, Women, Writing
    Link to submit your blog: (Note: you’ll need to register and login to register a blog). Then go here:
  5. Blogged
    Primary Focus: They accept all blog types except: pornographic blogs, blogs that promote illegal downloads, spam blogs, or materials of any kind that their editors find objectionable.
    Link to submit your blog:
  6. Blogpulse – Unfortunately, out of business
    Primary Focus: Any topic. Curated by Nielsen. Picks top blog posts that are most linked by other blogs, top news stories, key phrases most searched, popular links, key people in the news, etc.
    Link to submit your blog:
  7. Top Blog Area
    Primary Focus: Anything but adult content. For adult content go to
    Link to submit your blog:
  8. Blogopedia – different focus now
    Primary Focus: Anything but pornography, hate material, or illegal content
    Link to submit your blog: (Note: must register)
  9. Blogranking
    Primary Focus: Arts, Automobiles, Books & Literature, Business, Celebrities, Events & News, Entertainment, Fashion & Style, Finance, Food & Drink, Gambling, Green, Health, History, Hobbies, Home & Garden, Humor, Legal, Lifestyle, Movies & TV, Music, Personal, Pets & Animals, Photography, Politics, Real Estate, Relationships, Religion, Science, Shopping, Sports, Travel, Video Games
    Link to submit your blog: (Note: you need to register)
  10. Plazoo
    Primary Focus: Antivirus & Security, Blogs, Company News, Events, Exchange, For Adults, Forums, Games, Gay/Lesbian, Headlines, Health, IT Blogs, Job Market, Local News, Market, Music, Newspapers and Media, Science and Sports.
    Link to submit your blog RSS feed:
  11. Blogorama 
    Primary Focus: Arts & Entertainment, Blogging, Books & Literature, Business & Professionals, Design & Photography, Education, Fashion, Food & Drink, Friends & Family, Gambling & Games, Green, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Internet, Life, Marketing & eMarketing, Politics and Current events, Software, Spirituality & New Age, Sports, Technology, and Travel.
    Link to submit your blog:
  12. BlogGlue (free version)
    Primary Focus: Culture, Health, Interests, People, Sports, Technology, Work, World
    Link to submit your blog: – click on Free option.
    Note: You need to install a plugin on your blog. Supports WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla.
  13. IceRocket
    Primary Focus: Everything and popular in the blogosphere among bloggers.
    Link to submit your blog:
  14. Zimbio
    Primary Focus: Everything, similar to AllTop. More info here.
    Link to submit your blog:
    Registration required.

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