Top 25 Best Social Media Tips of 2010

By now you know that every Tuesday I put out a blog called Social Media Tip Tuesday. Sometimes I research the internet for useful tips and other times I get it from my fellow tweeters. In either case, I’ve pulled out the best 25 of the year that might make you consider bookmarking this page. And as always, before you engage in social media, be sure to have a plan to maintain it & a strategy for how you are going to use it.

(in no particular order)

  1. Be kind & swift to good or bad comments on your brand because customers often go social w/ complaints when normal customer service channels fail.
  2. You can use the @ symbol in front of someone’s name on Facebook and it will automatically link to their FB page
  3. People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
  4. Facebook posts that occur before noon get 65% more engagement than posts made later in the day.
  5. Special shout out to @TechOlive for this tip: How to unlink Twitter & Facebook Fan pages. Easy to do, but hard to find.
  6. Register your Twitter account in @wefollow (a yellow pages for Twitter) so that people can find you better.
  7. Adding a Facebook Like box to your website will increase your Facebook fans exponentially.
  8. Only 6% of all tweets produce a retweet and 92.4% of retweets happened within the first-hour window of being tweeted so don’t be so hard on yourself if you can’t get your tweets to go viral.
  9. Twitter: Not everyone needs to be followed back, although it’s polite. If you are not sure, add them to a list you’ve created and monitor for a while.
  10. Twitter: If they don’t speak your language, why on Earth would you follow them?
  11. Can’t get it all in under 140 characters, use Twitlonger or Kanvaso (although if you can’t spit it out in 140 characters, then maybe you should post to FB or have a blog.
  12. Social media 101 – Add your social media presence to your email signature with links so that they can easily follow you (and all of your inbound/outbound marketing materials, including your website)
  13. The average Facebook user has 130 friends. She is 38 years old, college grad and owns her own home. Hmmm…
  14. Aggregate multiple social networks and update them all at the same time with a desktop tool. You’re CRAZY if you are not using one.
  15. Give your fans/followers a call to action in your post – (i.e. visit a website, sign a petition, refer 5 friends and get a free t-shirt, answer a question)
  16. Don’t just tell us you wrote a new blog post– tell us why you wrote it.
  17. Don’t just sound like a Google news alert, anyone can do that, engage and inspire.
  18. Have a random question about business? You can tweet your question to @twithelpme and you’ll get answers from around the globe.
  19. Twitter Tip: Don’t tell us what you are doing, tell us what you are “thinking”
  20. Best time of day to post your blog? According to @problogger 4pmET
  21. Best hour to share #FB posts – 9amET (and always before 12noonET)
  22. Key to having a social presence is to demonstrate the value it has for your customers. Show them why they should follow.
  23. Only blog if you have the time, the passion to write and something to say.
  24. Just talking about your product or your service is NOT social
  25. Understanding when, where and how subscribers are reading your messages will help you optimize your prospect’s Inbox

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If you’d like to learn more about Twitter or Facebook tips for businesses, visit the Resources page above.

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