Top 5 Presentation Sharing Tools

I like Google Docs and DropBox for online collaboration, but sometimes tracking revisions can be cumbersome with those free tools and they don’t translate very well in online web conferencing. What if you have to show an audience your presentation and are on a limited budget? Well, if you have limited funds it’s not the end of the world. There are a handful of tools out there that will let you do an online presentation for free or for cheap.

Top 5 presentation sharing tools I like are:

  • Zipcast by SlideShare – (free): Zipcast allows you to upload a presentation to your channel on for free and invite people to participate via email.
  • ReadyTalk (small fees)- The ability to share your desktop or a presentation you previously uploaded and make annotations during the presentation is priceless. It makes the whole experience interactive and memorable.
  • (freemium) – The free version allows you share your screen with up to 250 viewers, give control of your screen to someone else. The pro version allows the other person to share their screen, allows you to schedule in advance and allows international participation.
  • Cisco’s WebEx ($19/mo) –  You can do so many things with WebEx in terms of presenting, online workshops and collaboration. The monthly fee allows you to share your screen with up to 8 people. It includes toll and VoIP (voice over IP) audio, but you can also opt for several toll-free plans.
  • iMeet – ($39/mo) – This offers the best of both presentation sharing as well as video sharing and meetings. You can upload anything into your virtual conference room and share with up to 15 other people. Best part? No software to install for anyone.

Do you have any you like? Please share in the comments so others can benefit.

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