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Top Twitter LawyersThere are a few reasons why lawyers should embrace social media: thought leadership, e-discovery and to get clients. Some lawyers have embraced it and have established themselves as experts in their field. Others have waved a hand saying that they don’t understand the point, or that it takes too much time.

Here are some attorneys that I think are exceptional on Twitter who have given you their tips on how they established their niche and gained followers:

@ByeByeDWI  – Criminal defense lawyer from Salem New Hampshire, Mark Stevens writes:

1). Identify your target audience: Who do you want to reach? Continuously monitor how well your reach is doing.  Be aware of which followers are most relevant for you, which followers amplify your information by re-tweeting or directly replying to your tweets.  Reward followers who RT, mention and list you by reciprocal use of mentions and RTs or at least public thank you’s. Courtesy is important.

2). Add value: you should provide valuable, current content to the stream. Make sure that you are creating and sharing information that is of value to the people receiving it, and that you are not just telling war stories about yourself.

3.)  Share specialized knowledge: If you have a niche practice area you are well-situated to be an information source in that area.  You can create or share interesting content and information and you will usually be able to get your hands on it before most other people.

4).  Listen to what people are saying and asking. Just like in face-to-face communications most people are not good active listeners.  If you do actively listen to what people are talking about, asking, and trending you will be well informed and can interact more effectively with others on Twitter.

5).  Don’t talk about yourself too much.  You can post all the info about yourself you want to post on a blog that no one will read; you should not congest followers’ Twitter streams with tales about yourself.  Try to promote someone else 10 times more than you promote yourself.  It’s not just a nice thing to do it is effective, and your network will grow rapidly.

To follow Mark on Twitter, Follow @ByeByeDWI

@VegaLawyer – Personal injury, employment and accident lawyer Daniel Vega says:

  1. My tips for other lawyers is to not be afraid to engage other attorneys on Twitter and to network them. This will not only build up your own network of contacts, but also keep you informed of the latest developments in your area of law.
  2. Second, attorneys are always worried about not having content to post, but I suggest that when you have to research a legal topic for your practice that you remember to take a few minutes and blog/tweet about what you learned.  Just tweet about the law without divulging any client information.
  3. Third, I would suggest specializing in one or two areas of law so as to develop a niche. This will make your tweets more focused and interesting to your intended audience.
  4. Finally, try to post at least once a day, just takes a min or so.  Some attorneys post several times a day but take your time and ease into it!  And make friends and retweet good stuff you find on Twitter so you can increase your network!

To follow Daniel Vega on Twitter, Follow @VegaLawyer

Other lawyers that I thought were great but were unable to get back to me before the deadline of this blog were:

@rpattersonlaw, @ErikJHeels, @juliecamden, @minguslaw

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