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As I’ve confessed before on another blog a while back, I’m a Twitter addict. Twitter is one of the most universally integrated app out there, primarily because their API is so easy to use. There are apps to track your Twitter clout, your reach, your friends vs. followers and there are also Twitter apps out there for fun. Here are some of my favorites. What are some of yours? Comment below or Tweet me @tracysestili

  • Twalue: Calculate your Twitter value based on Followers, Following, Lists, Age (+rate of followers).
  • FollowCost: This essentially measures how annoying it will be to follow someone on Twitter. Let me just say that I just typed a friend’s name in and it came back with NUCLEAR FOLLOW COST. Meaning, I should unfollow or they will clog my Twitter feed.
  • TweetReach: How far did a tweet reach. Calculate by hashtag, url, keyword/phrase, twitter handle/name.
  • The measure of your overall online influence.
  • Tweetstats: Gives you your data via graph. Only downside is that you can’t download the graph. :( But hopefully coming soon. That site is run by one guy and he is AWESOME!
  • Twitalyzer: A robus reporting tool giving the average user more than they can digest, but great tool for social entrepreneurs.
  • TwitterCounter: The stat prediction on this is pretty accurate. Also gives Top 100 Twitter Users.
  • Twitter Tussle – This is a very amusing app. Use it to duke it out among your favorite topics on Twitter.
  • – Allows you to send a gift to your Twitter friends w/o even knowing their address. They send a tweet to confirm. If user accepts gift via Twitter, they are prompted to put in their shipping address. That simple. Feel free to send me a gift. ;-)
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