Twitter Cheat Sheet for Brands

Many brands still don’t use Twitter effectively or at all. There is a ton of advice out there and different stats for the same things such as “best time to tweet” or “how often you should tweet.” But the truth is, as with all social media, you need to listen to your constituents to figure out what they want, not what you think they want. But what you don’t need to do on Twitter is figure out when they are online, because tools like Buffer or HootSuite will do that for you.

I could give you a whole diatribe on why you should use Twitter (get your news, industry topics, connect with your customers, etc. ), but if you’ve read this far, then you already know it’s useful, you’re just not sure how to tap into the Twitter Gold.

That being said, in a previous post I gave you 42 Twitter Tips from the pros and now I want to give you my best Twitter tips for brands in a cheat sheet format that you can download and pin up at your desk if you like. I gave this out at my Twitter webinar last week.  People who registered got the whole deck and video recording, but I still thought this was important enough to give to you folks.

Download PDF here.


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