BREAKING: Twitter Now Allows Geo-Targeting By ZipCode

TwitterAds_TracySestiliWow, lots of breaking news coming out this week on social media. I’m excited to tell you about Twitter now allowing geo-targeting by zip code to anyone who advertises on Twitter. This is super exciting because it’s a great way for local businesses to target audiences in their local area. If you think you don’t fall in this category, let me help you think about that differently. There are many business types that can use this and here are just a few:

  • Any nonprofit holding a fundraising event can target the zip code and surrounding zip codes in that area to get registrations or sell tickets
  • Any business that is local or that has multiple locations can send out ads specifically for those zip codes
  • A real estate agent can target those zip codes in which s/he sells in
  • Food trucks who often tweet where they are going to be on any given day, can now pre-advertise with Twitter ads to make sure they hit their audience
  • A retailer with multiple locations can promote relevant offers to their customers in their respective zip codes
  • Colleges can use them to recruit talent or students in their local areas

Who has access?

Anyone who has signed up for Twitter ads. Currently, geo-targeting is only available in the U.S.

Twitter says that although geo-targeting can put your ad in front of a highly-targeted audience, it also limits the reach of your overall campaign, so they recommend to use it sparingly.

How does it work?

Simply type in the 5 digit zip code when choosing locations (where you put country, city, or state, now).



Are there any other ways you think you could use the new geo-targeting ads on Twitter? Would love to hear your thoughts/ideas.

Happy tweeting!

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