Twitter’s New Activity Stream Feed

In an attempt to get you to use the Twitter interface directly rather than use a desktop tool, you may have noticed that Twitter has rolled out two new “Activity” stream feeds.  The new layout allows you to see not only a real-time feed of who retweeted or favorited your tweets, but also allows you to see what your friends have retweeted, favorited, and who they recently followed.

The changes are that the @mentions tab has been replaced with “Activity” and “@Username” – the username being your handle.  The “Activity” shows you a buffet of Twitter activities from the people you follow and what they’ve favorited, retweeted or if they have followed someone new or added someone to a list.

Twitter Activity Feed

The @Username stream now shows now not only which of your tweets have been retweeted and when you’ve been @mentioned, but also which of your tweets have become favorites. And if you just want to limit it to just @mentions – you can by just checking the box.

Twitter Mentions Tab

What do you think? Do you like the new features?

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