Two Apps for Video Storytelling

On Friday, PRDaily shared 5 useful social media tools that weren’t about Facebook video chat since that was all the rage last week. One of the featured tools was Masher, an online editor that allows you to easily drag & drop, or upload photos/images or video and add  music to make your own miniature movie soundtrack. It’s so easy, that I couldn’t resist making a few Masher videos myself.

However, since I know the power of video, this made me curious so I went scouring the web to find out what other cool video tools were out there.  What I found were a lot of tools that were created to work specifically with YouTube videos. For example, TubeChop which allows you to find and chop an interesting part of a YouTube video to share with your friends rather than sharing the whole video or CaptionTube  which allows you to add captions to your YouTube videos easily.

But a favorite tool that should be a hit with video bloggers is Eyejot has been around for a few years, but early adopters found it kluge. This free tool with it’s simple interface has given video blogging a face lift. Originally designed to be a solution to email with no tone, it can be used to converse with co-workers or keep in touch with family members or friends. You can record unlimited video messages up to 60 seconds each on the free version. Be sure to have a good mic on your computer and a webcam  and it only takes about 30 seconds. Check it out. video message

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