Final Assignment

Assignment 1 of 2: Create a social media strategy for your company or for any small local business in San Francisco. You must use at least 3 social media platforms and include the following:

  • What’s your 30 second pitch for your business?
  • Who are your executive sponsors at your company (executive buy-in)?
  • What’s your quarterly budget?
  • Who is your audience and how did you determine that? Be sure to include age, demographics, what social media platforms they use, when they are online, etc. Anything to help understand their behavior and needs so that you can engage and build a relationship with them.
  • Is your relationship with your target audience new? Is it an existing audience that you need to nurture? Or is it an existing audience where you need to improve your relationship?
  • What is the purpose or goal for being on social media for each audience you defined above?
    — What do you want to achieve with your audience?
    — What call-to-action do you want them to do as a result of interacting and engaging with your brand?
    — What need are you solving for them?
    — Does your goal align to a broader business plan, goal or objective?
  • How will you measure (which metrics) the success of your strategy and how often?
  • Which two (or more) platforms will you use and why did you choose them?
  • What frequency will you post?
  • What will the tone be of your social media activity? Fun and flirty? Serious and professional? Professional and courteous?
  • How will you engage with your audience?
  • How will you integrate your social media activities into other marketing tactics such as email, press releases, events, etc?
  • Do you have the resources to implement this strategy? Have roles been defined? Do you have a budget to implement and execute?

Final Assignment Examples:

Assignment 2 of 2: Create a social media campaign complete with goals, how it will work, target audience, social networks, budget, measurements for success. Some of the decks above have examples of campaigns within them.


  • Session 1, Mar 23rd: PDF
  • Session 2, Mar 31st: PDF
  • Session 3, Apr 6th: PDF
  • Session 4, Apr 13th: PDF
    NO CLASS ON APRIL 20, 2016
  • Session, Apr 27th 5:PDF and Social Strategy Exercise
  • Session 6, May 2nd: Mid-termonline, bring a laptop – May 2
  • Session 7, May 4th: PDF
  • Session 8, May 11th: PDF
  • Session 9, May 18th: Social Strategy presentations due May 15 – email me your presentation to
  • Session 10, May 25th: Social Campaign presentations May 22 – email me your presentation to

I will select a handful of people to present their social media strategies and campaigns, so be prepared to present.


I reserve the right to change the syllabus at any given time, but here is a brief outline of what we’ll cover during each session. I may modify the homework, class exercises or shift the content around. It’s your responsibility to make up the work.