Understanding Facebook News Feed page ranking

Why don’t I see all of my friends and fan pages in my Top News feed updates?

According to Jeff Widman of, 88% of people never return to a Fan page once they’ve clicked “Like”, instead they interact with you through their news feed. But not all of your updates come through on their news feed – why?

Well, thanks to Facebook’s three pronged algorithm called “EdgeRank” that scores every piece of content posted on Facebook. Content with the highest scores get shown in the Top News feed filter. Of course it will show in the Most Recent News Feed filter, but that’s not the default – Top News Feed filter is the default (except on mobile, it’s Most Recent).

EdgeRank measures three things: Affinity, Weight, and Time.  Affinity directly correlates to your relationship with each of your individual fans, how often they interact with you and how often you interact with them. Think of being rewarded for relationship building. Weight is given by status type. Photos are ranked highest (people do love to click on them), followed by videos, links, manual status updates and posts made by apps. Time simply refers to the time since your post was created. The more recent, the higher the EdgeRank score and vice versa.

EdgeRank scores work like this:

  • 0-3 is below average.
  • 4-7 is average.
  • 7+ is above average.
  • Scores above 20 are excellent.

Now that you understand how your page is ranked in news feeds, check your Fan page rank with EdgeRankChecker.

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