Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

I know you already know that LinkedIn is a professional website. It’s where you can build your personal brand and establish your expertise to land your dream job. But LinkedIn can also help you with your career path, research and statistics about the industry you want to get into and who can connect you to get your resume to the top of the pile.

There are 3 tools on LinkedIn or that utilize LinkedIn that I want to talk about to help you land your next dream job.

  1. LinkedIn Career Explorer
  2. LinkedIn Skills
  3. WhoWorks.At
LinkedIn Career ExplorerLinkedIn Career Explorer was released in 2010 and is available to anyone with a LinkedIn account. Like it’s name says, it allows you to explore different career paths to help you find that dream job.  The career path recommendations are tailored to your interests, based on real paths of professionals with similar profiles. You can create as many as you want. It also tells you who in your network is connected to that career path to help you find a job. And it gives you industry information and stats to help you with your job search, including salary information where available.
LinkedIn Skills is something you should add to your profile. It gives you an advantage in “search” when recruiters or hiring managers are looking for viable candidates with keywords or skills. There are thousands of skills to choose from. Go check it out!

WhoWorks.At is a toolbar that you can download for free. How does it work? It basically connects to your LinkedIn profile and then ANY company website you visit, you can click on the toolbar and it will show you who in your network (up to 3rd degree) works at that company. Once you find that out, if they are in your first degree connections then you can ask them to pass along your resume. It has been proven that people who have a personal connection at a company are more likely to get hired than those who do not. If it’s a second or third degree, then click on that person and see how you are connected, perhaps someone in your network can introduce you to them or put a good word in for you. The point is, use your network to maximize your potential.

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About Tracy Sestili

Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.