Value Add of LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads or Google Ads

LinkedIn Ads, Google Adwords, Facebook AdsMuch like Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads allow you to create up to 15 variations of your message and image so you can see which one works best. It allows you to target your audience by: geography (up to 10 locations), company (by name or category), job title (specific or category), group (specific), gender, or age (brackets). You can also reach LinkedIn members on other websites through the LinkedIn Audience Network – partner sites with high editorial standards.

The fee structure is similar to Google AdWords as well, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or PPC (pay-per-click). The recommended minimum is from $2 for CPM to $4.17 for PPC, not exactly cheap. However, you can cap your maximum spend per day. You have the option to set up your ad to run ongoing until you turn it off (dangerous) or through a certain date (recommended). There’s an easy to read dashboard for you to monitor your ad activity and progress. Of course if it results in sales or leads, then you’ll already have your ROI.

LinkedIn Ads seems almost a bit clandestine on the LinkedIn website. I was finally able to find it under the Home link on the front page. I got a free $100 coupon to give it a try, so I set it up for 10 days with a maximum daily spend limit of $10 on a CPM at $3.05. The setup was easy-peasy. The result, just under 2.5% click thru, a tad better than Facebook at around 2% and not quite as good as Google Adwords (which can range from .74% to 7.94% depending on it’s position).

When I asked the LinkedIn Queen about  what she thought about LinkedIn Ads she said that “Since the recent improvements with geo-targeting, it’s much better. But it’s still too early to tell. However, considering that the median household income for a LinkedIn user is $110,000 per year compared to Facebook users for the same geographical areas, it could be a good targeted opportunity.” I agree, time will tell, but for now, I do think that it’s a good investment to try out for a few hundred dollars. You never know where it will take you. Tune in tomorrow for the rest of my interview with LinkedIn Queen.

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