What makes a brand or person influential in social media?

As Twitter and Facebook grow in membership, so does their platform in how in influences the end user. But what specifically makes a Twitter or Facebook brand or individual influential on Twitter? Is it the number of fans/followers? Yes and no. Fans and followers alone are not a meaningful measure of influence

  1. The quality of those followers/fans is very important. Do they retweet and share your message? Facebook makes it easy to see this via Facebook Insights. You can easily see the level of engagement, the reach of a particular post and whether action was taken on a post. Twitter, it’s a bit harder to see. The best thing to do is sign up for a service like Tap11 or HootSuite and get reports that tell you what tweets had the most reach or were retweeted the most.
  2. Overall reach of a post or tweet. Again, Facebook makes this easy on a per post basis. This helps you figure out what the best times are to post on Facebook so that the most fans see it. Twitter doesn’t make that easy and you need to again rely on services that offer “true reach” numbers like Tap11 and HootSuite.
  3. Ability to make fans/followers take action. This is the most important. If a brand or individual can post or tweet with a call to action and get you to act on it, they’ve done their job well.
  4. If you’re already well known or famous. Of course it always helps if you are already famous or if your brand is already a household name. This is the very essence of what sells tabloid magazines and sells out events.
What are some of the things that you think make a brand or individual successful? Enter it in the comments below and I’ll do a follow up post if I get enough. If you add your Twitter account in your comment I will link to it in the follow up post. Cheers.

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