What Savvy Social Media Job Seekers Include and Exclude On Their Resume

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No job is secure and your resume should always be up to date. More importantly, you should have more than one resume. With each type of job they apply for, savvy job seekers have a resume for each one. For people looking to land a job in social media marketing, there are some

Savvy Social Media Job Seekers Always Exclude From Their Resumes:

  1. Information that doesn’t pertain to the position they are applying for.
  2. Personal information that’s  not already available via social networks they have a presence on. This includes: address, social security number, the year you graduated college which basically says how old you are, your age, relationship/marital status, hobbies (unless directly related) and memberships to political or activist groups.
  3. The phrase “References available upon request”. First this is so 1990’s. Second, if you are on social media then you are already getting endorsed by others on Twitter or have recommendations on LinkedIn.

Savvy Social Media Job Seekers Always Include These Items Are On Their Resume:

  1. Their social media profile(s )on the social network(s) in which the company they are applying to has a presence on.
  2. Their proven success metrics in social media for other campaigns that they have worked on.
  3. A pitch in their “Summary” section that pulls key phrases from the job description and indicates how they can meet those needs of the prospective employer.

BONUS: Some social media savvy job seekers will include an infographic. Here are 12 cool infographic resumes.



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