[Infographic] What Teens Share on Social Media

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What teens share and how they use social networks differently

Knowing what and how your audience is sharing content is just as important to your social media strategy as knowing where they are hanging out on social networks. The average network of a teenager on Facebook is 300 friends, with girls on average having slightly more (350) friends than boys (300). According to a new infographic put out by Pew Research Center, teens think they have it all figured out based on their privacy settings. But what’s fascinating is that they then leave so much else wide open for discovery. Surprisingly, the larger their “friend” network is on Facebook, the more accurate information they share on Facebook such as: their real name, birthday, where they live, email address, phone number, and photos & videos of themselves.

Among those surveyed only 14% have their Facebook profiles set to what they consider “public”, while the rest have it set to more private settings of “just friends” or “custom”.  But they don’t realize that it’s not just what you have your settings set to, it’s also about what your friends have their settings set to. And, with Facebook’s new graph search feature, which goes eight (8) degrees deep, privacy on social networks has never been more scarce.

They also all want their 15 minutes of fame because they love sharing photos or videos of themselves. I believe “selfies” is the proper term.



What you might also find interesting is that they feel like all social networks are not created equally and use them for different things. (Source: Pew Research May 2013 Focus Group)


They also don’t feel like sharing their location is necessary so it does make you wonder where FourSquare and Gowalla will be in five years. (Source: Pew Research May 2013 Focus Group)

Teens Location Sharing


And lastly, they’re big into SnapChat right now. Mostly because it’s not blocked by school networks and it’s a more fun way of sending emoticons with their face rather than a text message. This group is definitely going to be one to target with mobile marketing in the next 2-5 years. (Source: Pew Research May 2013 Focus Group)


And here’s the sharing data:

What Teens Share PEW Graph

What do you think of all of this data about teens and social media usage? Let me know in the comments. 

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