What the Entertainment Industry Really Should Do with SOPA

I know you are thinking that I am going to say something gruff like they can shove it up their …., but actually, I have a better idea. If you don’t know what SOPA is, it stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts (SOPA) and it is legislation currently in front of the House of Representatives to be voted on to invoke censorship on the internet. It’s sister piece of legislation is PIPA and stands for Protect-IP Act (PIPA) and it basically says that the government can sue anyone with a link to copyrighted material on their website.

There are so many internet stories out there in the past few weeks or so about how Wikipedia and other internet sites did a blackout to protest SOPA or how Google collected 4.5M signatures for their anti-SOPA petition.

There are also YouTube videos explaining the pros and cons (some listed at the bottom here) and bloggers galore chiming in, so we don’t need to rehash it all. But what is striking are two things:

1) the fact that we had to have a digital blackout protest to get the attention of the people voting on this legislation makes you wonder if anyone in the House of Representatives is qualified to be in the House of Representatives and

2) instead of putting their money into lobbying the House and Congress, why doesn’t the entertainment industry hire Google to come up with a solution for them on anti-piracy? I am pretty sure they could muster up that code for the right price, don’t ya think?

In fact, I bet you we could crowdsource a solution for the entertainment industry using the internet and sites like Tumblr or Twitter – sites that will more than likely be squashed if this gets voted into law.  What do you think?

Sign the petition here. Leave your comments for crowdsourcing an idea for the entertainment industry in the comments below.

YouTube videos on the topic of SOPA and PIPA:

WTF is SOPA? – a 21 minute long video by a Brit who normally talks about video games. Explained well.

URGENT!!!! Stop SOPA (HR 3261) – explains that basically social media sites will become liable for the content their users post and forced to monitor their users or be shut down. And it also says that the government can block and site, foreign or domestic, for just one infringing link.

Be a HERO and help stop SOPA now – talks about a secret that the people that are lobbying (CBS, CNET) are the people that distributed the downloading software and promoted the piracy to begin with. Fascinating.



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