What’s Your Influence on Pinterest?

I know you already know about Klout, Kred, and the like, but none of them have incorporated your Pinterest score yet. What’s that? Well, it’s a way to measure your popularity and influence on Pinterest. Although I think Pinterest has been overexposed lately, there is no shortage of apps popping up. First there’s PinPuff, a way to calculate not only your influence but the monetary value of your pins and traffic your pins generate. There’s also another new app called PinReach which is also pretty cool. It allows you to measure your score, see who has the highest reach, see what topics are trending, which pinners are trending and which pins are trending. Plus you can view the top pinners in categories and more. It also offers really cool analytics on how your boards are doing on Pinterest at a glance. Let’s check them out:

Understanding the scoring on PinPuff

Although PinPuff will not divulge their algorithm because it is a work in progress, they do tell you that the average score is 32 and that a Pinfluence score of 50 or above is considered a good score. Your score is calculated based on all of your activity on Pinterest such as: pins, repins, likes, comments, follower and following count.

The most compelling thing about PinPuff is that it also calculates your Pin Worth and Cost Per Click of your pins. Pins with landing pages that point to an e-commerce site get a higher value than pins that just point to landing pages that are non e-commerce. And traffic referrals (outward clicks on your pin) are valued the most.

PinPuff Perks

PinPuff offers perks just like Klout. Advertisers are looking for people who are influential in certain topics and offer them perks. For example, Nissan has a perk up right now that offers Pinners who are influential in Cars with a Pinfluence score greater than 40 a perk of $25 gift card and a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to the Nissan Test Facility in Arizona and one of five photography accessory kits.


Understanding the Scoring on PinReach

Although PinReach has no intention of revealing how they calculate the score, they do tell you which actions on Pinterest is more weighted than others. In their words, “actions made by other members on your account carry much more relevance to your social influence than what you do yourself.” For example:

Good Better
Pinning engaging content Repinning other people’s content
Liking other people’s content Other people liking your content
Repinning other people’s content Other people repinning your content
Following people Others following you and your boards

See What’s Trending by viewing Trending Pins

See Top Pinners for the day

See who is the most influential on Pinterest

Measuring Your Score

If you want to see where you stand, simply sign-up, confirm your email, then sign in and click on your name. You’ll see an overview of your analytics and then you can drill down into each tab:

Analytics overview

Your Boards – see which boards have the most engagement and post more often to them.

 Your Pins – see which of your pins have the most influence and try to do more of those.

Your Influential Followers– see who follows you and repins your stuff the most and reward them. For example, my influential followers are also on Twitter and you should consider following them: @robinwithani, @tomtreanor, @denisewakeman, @blogher, @MzJme,@PowerfulHER. (thank you!)

So what are you waiting for? Try it out and let me know how you like it.

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