When Your Facebook Fan Page is Owned by Someone Else

Facebook fan page admin left companyOften times companies hire a third party company or consultant to create their Facebook fan page or they have an employee do it in-house. Previously, you were not able to delete the page creator as an admin. But back in June 2010, Facebook fixed that problem so now you can. However, that doesn’t solve the problem for when that employee leaves the company or if the company has no idea of who created the page in the first place. Unfortunately, that dilemma happens way more often than it should.

How to gain control back of your Facebook fan page?

  1. If you have no idea of who created the page, then send out a mass email to the company to see if the page creator still works there. If they do, ask that they add several people as admin users. I recommend a minimum of three.
  2. If you know who created the page and they no longer worked there or your mass email goes unanswered, then you have two choices:a) If the username is already claimed, recreate the same page as the existing page with the same exact name and when you try to claim the name, fill out the form that is associated with “this name is taken already” error message.
    NOTE: You will need to contact Facebook from an email address associated with your company. In other words, gmail, yahoo! etc, will not work. They will respond accordingly and anoint a new admin.b) If the username is not already taken, then simply recreate the page and claim the username immediately. The only thing you lose in the number of fans, but at least you own your own company page now.

Has this happened to you? If not, make sure that it doesn’t by making sure you have more than one admin assigned to your fan page and prior to your next layoff you may want to double check who has Admin rights to your page.

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