Who Told You That Was a Good Idea? Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

I see a lot of mistakes in social media every day, so narrowing down this list to five was tough. However, I reserve the right to do a second post on this in the future. These are not my social media pet peeves, but rather, “Who told you that this was a good idea?” faux pas that just make social media consultants cringe or shake our heads side to side. Here are my top five social media mistakes to avoid:

  1. QR Codes on email signatures.  I don’t know who told people that this was a good idea but it’s not. I’ll admit that I’m not keen on QR codes on business cards either – unless of course they are going to give me some real insight to your business (like with a video) or a freebie or some sort. Otherwise, please reserve them for retail businesses, flyers, postcards and magazines. Because no one, and I mean NO ONE is going to view your QR code in your email address on their computer and whip out their iPhone or Android to scan it. NO ONE. And since most people consume content on their mobile phones, that’s a tad tricky to do.
  2. Twitter/Facebook icons on commercials. So many times I see companies list at the end of their commercial to find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter – but there is no short link. Have you ever tried to look up a company on Facebook and not found them right away because there are other companies that have similar names? It should be easy, right? But the problem is that Facebook and Twitter let you choose your own handle and many companies have been forced to abbreviate their company names to  just get a presence on Twitter/Facebook. Make it easy for people to connect with your brand.
  3. Facebook icon/Twitter icons on websites or in newsletters that don’t have hyperlinks. If you are going to take the time to put a social media icon on your website or in your newsletter and you don’t know how to hyperlink it to your specific page then I suggest you go ask someone before you do such a thing. Enough said.
  4. Real Estate agents tweeting their listings. Aghhhhh! Who told you that was a good idea? Has that actually resulted in sales? No really, if it has, I want you to personally contact me with your success story. Broadcasting “listings” to people constantly on your feed is similar to sounding like a General barking orders in the Army through a bull horn.
  5. Forgetting to tag people and brands in posts. You have a Fan page or a Google+ brand page and you mention others or other brands in your post and you don’t tag. This is a missed opportunity. One, it gets them to notice you and you may gain a follower. Or better, it appears in their news feed or in their stream and others find it valuable and follow you. Especially do this when you are sharing content from another site. It’s courteous and the favor may be returned.

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About Tracy Sestili

Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.