Why Blogging Is Good For Business

You have a story to tell or advice to give, every company does. But how you get your story out there can affect your public image. This is why more companies are opting for corporate blogs. In a recent study from eMarketer they predicted that corporate blogging will continue to grow in similar proportions as it has been and 43% of U.S. companies will have a corporate blog  by 2012. (currently at 34% as of August 2010). Blogging has been around for years and has recently morphed into a new tool to aid in corporate communications. One reason companies like them is because you can customize your brand plus you have complete control over them.

Yet, make no mistake, blogging is time consuming. You not only have to be passionate about a particular topic(s), but you also need to have the time to dedicate to that topic(s). When it comes to corporate blogging, you need more than just rules and a corporate style guide. In essence, you need a (corporate) voice. The voice should illustrate your company’s tone, goals, and vision. Smart and sassy? Geeky and witty? Serious and classy? You decide and then stick to it.

In addition to voice, you need consistency. Blogs should be written frequently at a minimum of once a week in order to help with SEO and overall web traffic. Plus, if you are looking to get your brand in the headlines or story, corporate blogs can open the door to PR opportunities. In another recent study by PRWeek and PR Newswire, one third of journalists surveyed in 2010 said that they look to corporate blogs for sources, which is up 25% from 2009. Take a look:

Still think you don’t need a corporate blog?

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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.


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