Why Customers Are Unsubscribing from Your Emails

email marketingWhen it comes to email marketing you have to understand who your email database is and why they signed up on your email list to begin with before you can look at why they may or may not be opening, clicking,  or e unsubscribing from your emails (or newsletters). You also need to understand where and on what type of device they are reading your email, as your layout may have a lot to do with their actions if they are mostly viewing on mobile.

Why are they signing up to receive your email in the first place?

In a recent 2013 study by BlueHornet, they determined that over 83% of people signed up for email in order to receive discounts, up 11% from 2012. Does this sound familiar? This is one of the main reasons people ‘like’ a company’s Facebook Page also or follow a brand on Twitter — to get discounts. People love to get discounts for the cost of a click.

Other reasons cited were to get product/services updates (6.4%), participate in research (3.1%), or because they love the brand (7%).

Where did they come from? How did they sign up?

Mobile Phone

The other interesting point was that 82% reported that they signed up with a company from an email form they saw on the company’s website.  But don’t rule out social or mobile just yet because almost 40% said they filled out a form on the brand’s social media channel (think Facebook app or contest) and 42% said they filled out a mobile app or sent their email via a text or SMS message.

How are they consuming your content?

Believe it or not, most people are still reading their email on a laptop or desktop computer, yet 43% said they read emails most often on a mobile device such as their phone or tablet. And 75% have admitted to skimming through their emails on mobile to triage them before looking at them on their desktop or mobile. This is why you may see a higher open rate because they are opening it twice.

Ways you can get them to open your email and click through your content.

Not all consumers or brands are alike, but when it comes to emails, it seems that most have similar behavior traits.  Email, like anything else in marketing starts with building a relationship with the customer and nurturing that relationship from a prospect into a lead and then turning that into a purchase or brand loyalist. Here are a few ways you can get them to open your email and click on your content:

  1. Send a welcome email after they sign up. 
  2. Make your subject lines less than 40 characters and make them catchy. Respondents indicated that subject lines that had a discount or special offer or promoted a product they were interested in had a 35-45% higher chance of being opened than those that did not.
  3. Consumers are more likely to open an email from brands they’ve purchased from in the past (online or in-store).
  4. Price, discounts and quality of content are the three top reasons why people might purchase from an email.
  5. Consider abandoned cart email marketing campaigns because less than a third find it invasive.

Why are they unsubscribing?

Believe it or not, as “connected” as we all are and feel we need to be at every minute of every day, many people unsubscribe simply because they can’t keep up with the frequency in which your emails come out. (I know I feel that way about some of the email subscriptions I get and as a result have unsubscribed.)

Why ppl unsubscribe from EMAIL

How about you? Do you think these trends are on track?

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