Why Some Tweet Are More Viral Than Others

Tweets going viralIn the Twitter Strategies LinkedIn group the other day someone posed the question, what makes a particular tweet more viral than others? What a great question to tackle here. The answer is actually more simple than you think. Don’t worry, 71% of all tweets produce no reaction (reply nor retweet) and only 6% produce a retweet. Feel better now?

There’s no scientific formula but whether a tweet goes viral does take into consideration the following:

  • Time of day your tweet goes out to the masses has a huge impact on whether it will go viral. In fact, 92.4% of retweets happen within the first-hour window of being tweeted. Also, tweets have a higher chance of being retweeted in the morning before noon. So if you have something important to say, then say it more than once throughout the day. Chances are it will get more play if it’s important. Which brings me to my next point…
  • Importance¬† or relevance of your tweet also plays a key factor of whether it will be retweeted. No one is going to retweet that you just bumped into Oprah or what you had for lunch. However, statistics, quotes, opinions or comments on things that are trending, tips and tricks are things that people retweet and if you’re famous, that helps too.
  • Your current reach usually has something to do with whether or not your tweet goes viral. Meaning, that the chances of your tweet getting retweeted depends on the reach. So it’s not just your network, but the people who follow you – their network and the people that follow them, etc. If everyone who is following you has a relatively small network, then the chance of it going viral are far less because less people are seeing it than say if Ashton Kutcher or Lady Gaga retweeted your tweet.

Lastly, it helps if your tweets can be found by people who are looking for them, so don’t forget to use your hash tags (#). They help too, although not as much as the ones I mentioned above.

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