Creating Stories That Resonate With Your Audience

Conversation is one of the critical elements of relationships. It’s why we connect with people. The dialogue can be elementary or high quality, but when there’s something in the conversation that resonates within us, sparking a memory and speaking to us in a way that makes an indelible impression, that’s one hell of a story.

But not everyone is a good storyteller.

The best stories come from storytellers who don’t just tell us what the story is but they tell us why we should care and why we should move to action. ¬†They tap into our dreams or past experiences, evoking an emotion.

One example is the AT&T don’t text while driving campaign. I had no idea of what I was in for when I clicked on it, but after watching the video, it was so compelling that it moved me to action to show and share it with others.

Stories don’t always have to be such serious subject matter. They can be funny or adorable, like CareerBuilder’s ‘Time To Move On’ ad:

So what makes a good story?

  1. Purpose: There needs to be a purpose to your story. You don’t have to state it up front, it can be woven into the story by the characters.
  2. Obstacle: It helps if your story has something that your character needs to overcome.
  3. Character(s): You need at least one. A good story always tells us of an obstacle that the protagonist overcome.
  4. Style and tone: Keep it simple and tell your story in your own words and make sure the tone matches the story line.
  5. The a-ha moment: Whatever the obstacle was that your character overcame, show us what impact it had on that character. Relay what the a-ha moment was and emphatically deliver it!

What makes a story resonate for you? Can you give some examples of ad campaigns that really resonated with you?






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