Your Must-Haves for 2012 Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing StrategyIn 2011 you saw a lot of changes, from new social networks to enhancements on existing networks. For a full review see this previous blog post. It’s hard to keep up on all of the social media changes, which is why you read blogs and news articles to get up to date.

For 2012, you should be re-examining your strategy and taking advantage of the new emerging technologies and enhancements to existing platforms. Some tools to check out and some tasks to do:

  1. Consider Trigger emails. These are emails that can be sent with order confirmations or abandoned shopping cart emails. Very effective.
  2. Social Icons on Web presence. Be sure all social media icons are on your website and above the fold. Make it easy for me to connect with you.
  3. Mobile. Make sure your social media and website are mobile friendly. By that I mean: a) you can read them, b) they upload fast, and c) they are easy to navigate. Don’t just settle for your existing website on a mobile phone. It needs to be tailored for mobile users. Mobile users are on-the-go and they only care about accessing and processing certain information.
  4. Capture. Capture more than just the type of visitor to your website, capture their email and contact information with a form application like Aweber.
  5. Op-ed or Guest Blog. Many sole proprietors, entrepreneurs or small businesses have a perfect opportunity to get their name out there by offering to do a guest post or contributing an op-ed article to the Huffingtonpost or niche specific online publication. Usually there is information on the site for how to submit op-ed content.
  6. Online events. Sometimes, small business owners and nonprofits can’t afford to go to every valuable conference there is, however, see if you can attend them virtually. Most of the time virtual conferences offer up chat rooms/lounges and also it’s a great place to network with people. Plus they usually will keep the presentations or videos files online for a period of time afterward so you don’t have to attend that day.
  7. Look at your data. Data is all the rage right now and truth is, it has always been important. But right now it’s the new buzz word in marketing. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to hire a data scientist or social media guru to help you look at your data. You can do it yourself and figure out whether or not people are accessing your site via mobile, and what types of content they click on and share. The point is you already have the information at your fingertips, make sure you look at it and make marketing decisions from it rather than from your gut or what’s “trending” right now.
Just because QR codes and mobile are hot right now, doesn’t mean that it will move your ¬†business forward.


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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.